Why NOT to take your phone to fix at the Apple Store

The local Apple Store might be the first option many people consider when they have an issue with their device, but it is definitely not the best choice, and I will explain you why.

Their prices are high, and in most cases VERY high, to check their prices click here.

It is inconvenient, most of their stores are in large malls, meaning you will have to deal with the crowds.

Appointment required, you will have to go on-line and log-in with your Apple ID to request an appointment.

Their service is very limited, they only do screen and battery replacements, that’s it!, if the phone has anything else (issues with home button, charging port, speaker, etc…) they will offer you to pay hundreds of dollars for a replacement device.

The might refuse to service your phone, if the phone has gotten in contact with liquid or the frame is bent.



Steps to get your phone fixed at an Apple authorized service center

Make an appointment online using  your Apple ID

Visit the store at the scheduled time

Pay the Apple price

Or (if it the case) get the refusal to provide service

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